salute in extravergine d’oliva

869 mg/kg

Our oil grade Itrana shows extraordinary organoleptic properties.
The extra vergine oil (EVO), produced out of these olives,
is abundant with polyphenols (869 mg/kg in the oil vintage 2015),
vitamins of the E-group like tocopherol, and of the K-group,
but it is as well rich in sodium, calcium, potassium, and iron.

To these elements are added unsaturated fatty acids like omega-3
and omega-6 at the appropriate rate. All of these elements are well
balanced among each other and contribute to a long life.
Our olive trees are contamination-free and benefit from a mild
climate and a mineral-bearing soil.

an excellent antioxidant

native olive oil is a veritable goldmine for anti-aging :
it slows down aging and cell decay, struggles against Alzheimer disease,
assists in metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and arthritis.

In particular, oleocantal polyphenol has proved beneficial in the struggle
against cancer. A study by Paul Breslin at the Monell Chemical Senses Center
in Philadelphia has shown an antiphlogistic effect, similar to Ibuprofen.
The cold extraction, performed within

6 hours

after the olive harvest, saves all the qualities
unmodified until final use.

Friend of the hearts

Detected studies show that a balanced food, as offered by mediterranian diet
that preferres native olive oil as its mainly used grease,
benefits the heart and reduces at the same time the risks of apoplectic strokes and heart attacks.

The use of high quality EVO-oils in raw condition,
by which LDL-molecules are sheltered from oxydation,
reduces the proportion of oxicidised LDL-cholesterol (« bad cholesterol »)
and benefits the HDL-cholesterol (« good cholesterol ») in blood,
gaining exceptional advantages for health.
All this is proved by Monica (supervision of cardiovascular diseases),
i.e. a WHO-survey in the 1980s, which attributed the longevity
of the Campodimele inhabitants to their way of living and their nutrition.